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First Advisor

Dr. Richard Joyce

Second Advisor

Steve Neynaber

Third Advisor

Laura Latulippe


A plethora of literature has been published on the topic of culture shock. Often individuals have prepared themselves for their extended visit to a host country by spending time researching the culture, talking to returnees, attending orientation meetings, etc. The individuals are relatively prepared and ready to experience the adventure that awaits them. In spite of their preparation, soon after arriving to their host country they may experience common culture shock symptoms. These symptoms follow a pattern that has been defined as Lysgaards "U-curve" phenomenon (Hogan, 1983). Hogan explains, "...the sojourner experiences a drop in adjustment after entering a foreign culture, but after a bottoming out, slowly adjusts and reaches a point of satisfactory adjustment" (pp. 9-10). Once he or she has adjusted, the individual is able to function in the host country and contribute to the social structure.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only