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Dr. Loren Crane

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Dr. Wendy Ford


Students know little about the differences between professors that they may at some point come in contact. Students rely heavily on hearsay of others to learn about the teaching style of professors. This hearsay is non-scientific, relying on mainly opinions instead of fact. The Teaching Style Survey (TSS) looks at a professors' teaching style and how it relates to the students' learning style. With this information, students will be able to find professors that complement their learning style, not blindly picking the professor just to fill a time slot. This becomes particularly important when looking at multiple sections and elective courses offered by the university. These courses have numerous professors to select from, many being professors that students are unfamiliar with. The enclosed paper will describe the process taken in developing the TSS, the controversies that arose from implementation of the survey, and the future of the survey.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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