Date of Defense




First Advisor

Dr. Keith Hearit

Second Advisor

Dr. George Roebeck

Third Advisor

Cheri Van Kuren-Bales


I will argue that by using the Internet to its fullest potential, public relations practitioners can tap into a resource to facilitate relationships with the media, thereby furthering the reputation of their clients. To do this it is my purpose to examine the role of technology and the Internet in public relations today. I will first present a literature review of the research done in media relations on the Internet. Next, I will analyze three case studies of organizations which effectively use this technology in their communications efforts. During Microsoft's 1995 release of its browser Internet Explorer, for instance, the company set up special websites specifically for the media to access information about the event. Likewise, General Motors utilizes an interactive "news room" for reporters on its website to download photos of new vehicles, official biographies and company fact sheets. And Odwalla used its website to specifically address news about its e coli crisis, including its actions at remedying the juice processing and news releases. Finally, I will present my recommendations for best leveraging an organization's media relations efforts.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only