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First Advisor

Maryellen Hains

Second Advisor

Dr. Allen Carey-Webb


The values of a society and its level of reason may be clearly seen in the information and literature that it deems fit to give its children; the AIDS epidemic is a prime example of this. "Until recently," writes Frances Bradburn," the harvest of adult society's refusal to deal openly with sexuality was simply noninformation, incomplete information, or misinformation. No longer can our discomfort simply confuse our children, it can kill them." (Wilson Library Bulletin,34) The issues surrounding the disease are so charged with emotion that the accuracy of information often becomes clouded in favor of avoiding frightening issues or providing instruction in morality. When providing our children with information about AIDS many adults will turn to literature both fiction and nonfiction to help them educate children. Because of this, it is important to evaluate the information that is being conveyed, the quality of how it is being conveyed and whose voices are being represented.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only