Heidi Paterni

Date of Defense




First Advisor

J.D. Dolan`


When it came time for me to sit down and work on my Senior Thesis project there were certain things I wanted to accomplish. I wanted my thesis to represent a collaboration of much of the knowledge I have learned throughout all four of my college years. I also wanted my thesis to reflect the topics I had studied within my major. As an Interpersonal Communications Major, I have spent a lot of time studying how personal relationships affect one's development as a person. My relationships and experiences outside the classroom have shaped me more than any other force, and over the years I have written a series of essays depicting key turning points in my growth. In the process of trying to brainstorm what to write my senior thesis I thought: Why not put all these essays together (in some orderly fashion) and make a statement? I decided to put together a collection of non-fiction essays depicting my growth as a woman in college. A project of this sort had never been done in the communications department before, which made it hard to find a mentor. I realized I needed to go elsewhere to find one.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only