Redesign of a Torsion Bar Testing Machine

Date of Defense

Spring 4-19-2011

First Advisor

Richard B. Hathaway, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Second Advisor

Christopher Cho, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Third Advisor

Rameshwar P. Sharma, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering


racing, automobiles, cars


Many types of vehicles utilize torsion bar suspensions. In particular, many types of racecars use torsion bar suspension systems because they are durable, compact, easy to remove, and easy to replace. In order to more effectively test torsion bar suspensions, a torsion bar rating machine was redesigned using 3D solid modeling, finite element analysis, and computer programming software. Some distinct advantages and improvements over current testing machines include: a smaller, lighter, and more compact frame; a computer program with real time data analysis, display, and storage capability; and the ability to accommodate both torsion bars and torsion bar systems of varying sizes.


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Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only

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