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Political Science


Science in the modern technologically oriented societies of scale today holds a special position. On the one hand, there are those who view science and technology as simply tools to be used by a society in its quest to implement its values and to create an environment where these values can flourish. In this position, characterized by men such as Daniel Bell, Don K. Price, Sanford A. Lakoff, J. Stefan Dupre, Peter Drucker and Zbigniew Bresezinski, science is seen as value free --as having values which are secondary to other social values, or as only a mechanism for gathering information. The use to which this information is put is dependent on the values of the society. On the other hand, is the position espoused by such men as Gerald Piel, Jacob Bronowski, C.E. Ayres, Thomas L. Thorson, Marshall D. Sahlins, Elman R. Service, and Bertrand Russell, that science holds a value structure of its own, and that this ethic should guide the use of science.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only