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This paper will focus on the Community Development Act Advisory Committee, (CDAAC), for the year 1978-79. This Citizens Advisory Committee is required under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Development Block Grant, Entitlement Grant Program. The City of Kalamazoo, as an applicant for community development Block Grant funds, must have citizen input on how funds should be spent on the neighborhoods that qualify for assistance. This year there is about $2,323,563 which can be spent to improve the housing and community needs of what the city calls the six comprehensive Neighborhood Revitalization Areas or more commonly known as target neighborhoods. These six neighborhoods are: Vine, Edison, Oakwood, Stuart, the Northside and the Eastside. A seventh neighborhood, which qualifies for block grant assistance and is being added to the list of revitalization areas, is the West Douglas neighborhood.

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