Date of Defense

Spring 4-26-2011



First Advisor

Gwen Athene Tarbox, English

Second Advisor

Jon R. Adams, English


sexuality, blogs, women


Sex blogging, a current Internet trend, deserves special attention for its unique nature that skews the boundaries of public and private. Sex blogging is a specific genre of blogging in which individuals anonymously blog about their sexual exploits. Feona Attwood states that blogging exists in an area of “public privacy where self-documentation takes the form of a personal showcase in a public media space” (6). This public/private sphere prompts interesting questions in relation to sexual discourse. An analysis of sex bloggers Abby Lee and Belle de Jour can help us examine what happens to sexual exploration and the fluidity of identity when sexual discourse occupies this public/private sphere. Further assessment shows how sex blogging alters the trajectory of postfeminism.


Full text of this thesis not available per author.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only