Lynda Lowry

Date of Defense



Political Science

First Advisor

Dr. Kim

Second Advisor

Dr. Earhart

Third Advisor

Dr. Alan Isaak


The growth of Komeito, the religion-generated political party in Japan, raises many intriguing questions. A concern, posed both in Japan and abroad, is felt that if the Komeito gains significant control of the government, Japan could revert to the pre-World War II practice of a state-sponsored religion. With the burgeoning growth of its mother religious organization, the Sokagakkai, the Komeito's power also increased during the sixties, reaching a peak during the seventies. With its mass membership, the Komeito could be a threat to the stability of the present government by posing questions heretofore kept safely tucked away by the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Questions about social security, welfare, and unemployment; questions essential to the well-being of the poor. By its representation of the masses, the Komeito could be an answer to the growing disillusionment and unrest of the poor, an unrepresented segment of the Japanese population by allowing their input into government.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only