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Political Science

First Advisor

Dr. Ralph Chandler

Second Advisor

Dr. Peter Renstrom

Third Advisor

Dr. Alan Isaak


It is the objective of this paper to conduct an analysis of the range of techniques utilized in judicial selection. In discussing appointments and elections, the particulars of each method will be examined and their effectiveness in achieving the desired characteristics shall be established. From there, having shown the remaining deficiencies, the Missouri Plan will be discussed. As the most recent process of reform, it too will be examined for effectiveness. Pointing out the remaining problems that face selection, I will then attempt to lay out the current designs on improvement of this technique. Through a compilation of existing thought, and my own analysis, I hope to present a formulation of minor adjustments that can be made to the Missouri Plan. With these improvements, I believe the technique can be shown to provide the reforming measures desired, while minimizing the downsides existing in judicial selection historically.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only