Date of Defense



Political Science

First Advisor

Dr. Murray Scot Tanner

Second Advisor

Dr. William Ritchie

Third Advisor

Dr. Lawrence Ziring


This essay will attempt to provide an in-depth analysis of the concept of collective security and point out some necessary preconditions for its successful application in the future. It will include a theoretical analysis of a number of models of the international system and theories of conflict in each model, as well as a critique of the models. We will also analyze the history of past efforts at collective security, examining their successes and attempting to explain their failures. The essay then moves to a section on some anticipated sources of instability in the Post-Cold War environment. We will conclude with a summation of the first three sections which will attempt to draw some conclusions about the future of collective security and its viability in the years to come.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only