Paul Santi

Date of Defense



Political Science

First Advisor

Dr. Peter Renstrom

Second Advisor

Dr. Ashlyn Kuersten


The Supreme Court of the United States is perhaps the most interesting and intricate part of our Democratic government. Its role in today's world is of immense importance, and its rulings are felt all over the nation. Both the public and the other branches of government respect its prestige and power. Historically the Court was not perceived in this light. In fact, often times it was viewed exactly opposite. Many people still have arguments over how much power our nation's judiciary system should have. Further, it is argued on how the Court should act when choosing and deciding its cases. From the concept of judicial review, the Court has established two schools of thought, judicial restraint and judicial activism. Both of these approaches have positive and negative aspects to their use by the Court. They also both have been used throughout the history of the U.S. Supreme Court. But which role is better than the other? In addition, which role is better suited for the Court to take, especially in our present time?

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only