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Political Science

First Advisor

Dr. Ben Wilson

Second Advisor

Dr. Ken Dahlberg

Third Advisor

Dr. Sisay Asefa


This paper contains a fairly comprehensive report on black American aid to Africa. It presents the strategies of Black American aid organizations (BAO's)--as represented by Africare and the Black American Response to the African Crisis (BARAC)-- for 1) addressing the problems of aid, and 2) educating the U.S. public about Africa and African development. It also presents the perspectives or motivations of BAO's--again represented by Africare and BARAC--on giving aid to Africa. These perspectives offer a new dimension to aid that needs to be utilized in non governmental (NGO) aid programs for Africa. In addition, this paper shows BAO's as playing an important dual role as an educator of blacks in the U.S. about blacks in Africa and viceversa. Finally, the paper proposes that an organization be created that would utilize the perspectives of BAO's and that combines the effective strategies of Africare and of BARAC.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only