Mark Wolfgram

Date of Defense



Political Science

First Advisor

Dr. James Butterfield

Second Advisor

Dr. Lawrence Ziring

Third Advisor

Dr. Ernst Breisach


This paper will explore this state of anomie and the drive to escape from anxiety and a state of powerlessness within the specific context of eastern German society from the fall of 1989 to the fall of 1991. The paper will begin with a short overview of the major political and social events over this two year period. The second section will deal with population issues, including the special plight of eastern German women and the role of migration, immigration and migrant workers in the unification process. That section will also deal specifically with labor conditions and unemployment after the 1989 revolution. Next, the problems of the Stalinist past will be explored in the context of the Stasi files. Following the Stasi section will be a part dealing with the psychological division of the country, and question of a mass neurosis." The final section of the paper will examine extremism in unified Germany from the radical anarchy of the left to the neo-Nazis of the far right.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only