Date of Defense



Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Robert Griffin

Second Advisor

Dr. Camille Vandeberg

Third Advisor

Lynn Haire


As a French and Elementary Education major, I strongly urge and support the implementation of a foreign language program in elementary schools. Each day, as I become more and more proficient in the French language, I often wonder how much more proficient I would be if I had begun the language study during my elementary years. I truly believe my fears of speaking incorrectly, my initial pronunciation difficulties, and naivety of the world around me would have been diminished immensely. The benefits and outcomes of elementary foreign language programs uphold the propositions of the various programs. Therefore, administrators, educators, parents, and students need to be informed of the benefits, goals, costs, and other program models to enhance the progress or implementation of foreign languages in elementary schools.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only