Erin Dudley

Date of Defense



Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

First Advisor

Jane Baas

Second Advisor

Carolyn Pavlik

Third Advisor

Carrie Janiski


As a student in the art of dance, I have experienced many different teachers. These men and women came from all levels of training and backgrounds; some were college educated with a dance degree and others trained themselves at local studios or even taught themselves. Before coming to Western Michigan University, I took ballet, jazz and tap classes for 14years. I thought I had good turnout, good alignment and good anatomical placement of my body because no one ever told me any differently. My first year as a dance major served as a severe wake-up call. I quickly learned that I did almost nothing correctly at the ballet barre,and many of the mistakes I was making were sure to lead to injury.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only