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South Lyon High School

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1000 N. Lafayette Street


South Lyon





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Something Wicked is a study of the interaction between religion and superstition in the South. The Southern Gothic genre often revolves around witchery, poverty, hoodoo, and decay; the aim of this piece was to capture these elements in a few words and invite the reader to explore an introspective view of humanity. The fears and fantasy of the human mind are taken to extremes in this story, but one must wonder just how extraordinary an event like this would be. In a fever of holy ecstasy and paranoia, who knows what someone is capable of? This piece is for those who salt the windows and burn the bones, for those who cross themselves and knock thrice on wood, for those who draw the blinds when the moon is full and hide silver bullets under their beds. The inspiration for this piece was a line from Shakespeare’s Macbeth: “By the pricking of my thumbs/Something wicked this way comes.” The Witches might be talking about Macbeth, but nowadays, who knows what wild things the night may bring. There have long been fairy tales that whisper of witches, of changelings, of little beasties creeping through the door when no one else is looking. Something Wicked was created to look at these stories, and wonder if there wasn't some truth in them after all.

Publication Date

Winter 1-3-2015


1st Place