Transactions of the International Conference on Health Information Technology Advancement

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Interoperability represents the accurate exchange of information and the use of the information for effective decision making. For information exchange to be interoperable, it must be widely interpretable between multiple information systems. At a more granular level, it focuses on the accuracy, consistency and reliability of information exchanged between systems. The healthcare industry has defined many problems when it comes to the best practice of interoperability. Technical, financial, and managerial barriers are present that produce large scale complex problems for the whole industry. Although, a variety of potential solutions have been developed. Some have even been implemented already focusing on semantics, standardization, patient privacy and security. The private and government sectors of the economy have produced new legal and economic incentives, product innovations, along with widely available educational resources that have shown success. Overall improvements will increase quality of care, patient safety, and decrease associated costs across the entire healthcare industry.