Transactions of the International Conference on Health Information Technology Advancement

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The purpose of this investigation is to define the principles of good health in the U.S. in the 21st century. The interdisciplinary, civilizational methodology is applied to establish roots of this health care at the national level. Among findings are; well-being of Americans” is the constitutional opportunity of an American, good health of Americans is a constituent of their well-being, basic health care should be perceived as the controlled right of a citizen. Human and societal wisdom requires mentally healthy people. Human and societal wisdom requires well educated citizens. The state of health care of the Americans is in a state which is not appropriate for the most richest and powerful country in the world. The quality of health care is at the level of 54 percent. Vision of American society has been defined as well as its goals and strategies for the next 17 years, till 2030. Practical implications: If the integration of well-being, health care, and information infrastructure-oriented components into one comprehensive solution is not provided and if each one is treated in isolation, the improvements in health care won’t be lasting and positive. Social implications suggest: political will and leadership at all levels of the nation must reach agreement; otherwise the society will be declining in its physical and mental health.