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Family and Consumer Sciences

Presentation Date

Fall 10-6-2017


As a whole and regardless of major, university graduates with interpersonal competence (also defined as soft skills) are viewed as more employable (Finch, Hamilton, Baldwin, & Zehner, 2013; Robles, 2012), yet interpersonal competence is not often recognized as a part of discipline specific knowledge (Chamorro-Premuzic, Arteche, Bremner, Greven, & Furnham, 2010). While important to employability in general, interpersonal competence is particularly crucial for those students in social science majors who intend to have a career serving individuals and families.

The Family Science (FS) program in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences directly addresses the need for interpersonal competence through the implementation of CORE COMMUNICATION (CC) training (Miller, 1971; Miller & Miller, 2011; Miller, Nunnally, & Wackman, 1976) in the FCS 3180 Intimate Relationships course.


Presented at the 2017 Fall Convocation, Western Michigan University