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Interdisciplinary Health Programs

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Fall 9-14-2018


We facilitated a three-hour workshop the afternoon of June 6, 2018. This workshop was an extension of work we have been doing in the College of Health and Human Services for the last 2 ½ years. This work was originally supported by an Assessment Fellows Grant and focused on addressing assessment at the college level. To do that, we needed to focus on an area of competence that was relevant to all programs in the college. After reviewing the key goals that the college set back in 2005, and listening to colleagues on the college assessment committee, we decided to focus on the assessment of writing in the College of Health and Human Services. From there, we led focus groups with faculty in the college, to discern what exactly they were looking for when it came to writing assignments in their courses. After all, we could not assess something if we did not first describe it.


This poster was presented at WMU at Fall Convocation 2018