Volume 6 (2022)


Invited Forum

Original Research Studies


A Pedagogical Mystique?: Lessons of Incorporating Feminism Into Skills-Based Communication Courses
Daniela Molta, Regina M. Luttrell Ph.D., and Christopher J. McCollough


Assessing Student Mindset, Interest, Participation, and Rapport in the Post-Pandemic Public Speaking Classroom: Effects of Modality Change and Communication Growth Mindset
Katherine J. Denker, Kendra Knight, Riley K. Carroll, Kathryn R. Bradley, Peyton J. Bonine, Sophia M. Lauck, Heidi S. Przytulski, and Michael L. Storr


Instructional Resources to Assess Applied Projects as a Culminating Graduate Communication Student Experience
Michael G. Strawser, Bridget Rubenking, Kelsey Lunsford, and Margaret Gravelyn

Best Practices


Pursuing Inclusion and Justice While Affirming the Mental Health of Marginalized Students
Tyshee E. Sonnier, Claire J. Stevenson, and Joshua H. Miller

Reflection Essay

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JCP Volume 6 Editors

Deanna D. Sellnow

Associate Editor
Renee Kaufmann