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Book Reviews



  • The Assembly Line by Robert Linhart - Reviewed by MIKE PARKER
  • The Crisis In Social Security: Economic and Political Origins by Carolyn L. Weaver - Reviewed by GARY FREEMAN
  • The Political Econany of Aging: The State, Private Power and Social Welfare by laura Katz Olson - Reviewed by MARTIN B. TRACY
  • The Other Side of Organizing: Resolving the Personal Dilemmas and Political Demands of Daily Practice by Steve Burghardt - Reviewed by MICHAEL REISCH
  • The Radical Future of Liberal Feminism by Zillah Eisenstein - Reviewed by KATHRYN B. WARD
  • Setting National Priorities: The 1983 Budget edited by Joseph A. Peobmand
  • Crisis In the Public Sector edited by Union for Radical Political Economics - Reviewed by STEVE BUR(HARDT
  • Alcohol and the Family by Jim Oxford and Judith Harwin - Reviewed by PATRICIA MORGAN

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