Table of Contents

  • The Anatomy of "Burn-Out": The As Antidote - NORMAN N. GOROFF
  • Love Paradigm
  • Determinants of Knowledge About Social Security: A Study of Nonremarried Widows Caring For Children - MARTHA N. OZAWA, WILLIAM T. ALPERT
  • Income Tax and Inequality: What Constitutes Welfare State Expenditure? - GORDON W. TERNO ETSKY
  • Factors Contributing to Coalition Maintenance - MARIA ROBERTS-DeGENNARO
  • On the Dialectics of Social Theory And Action: A Synthesis of Six Models of Community Engagement - DREW HYMAN
  • Role-Set Diversity: Benefits or Strain? - MARILYN GAIL MORGAN, ALFRED DEMARIS
  • Retirees As Technoguides: A New Role As Shapers And Makers of The Future - ARTHUR B. SHOSTAK
  • Administrative Offices of Aging in State Bureaucracies: Agency Location and Organization Effectiveness - BARRIE BLUNT, SCOTT INGRAM
  • The Yorkville Emergency Alliance: One Community's Response To The Federal Budget Reductions - MICHAEL J. SMITH
  • Welfare Fair Hearings and Client Advocacy: A Role for Social Workers - JAN L. HAGEN
  • Prison Education - JOSEPH DEHAR
  • Assessing Social Agency Functions: A Model - ELIZABETH W. LINDSEY, JOHN S. HODARSKI, KRISTYN S. GREAVES
  • Homelessness: Residual, Institutional and Communal Solutions - RON E. ROBERTS, THOMAS KEEFE
  • The Latent Functions of Welfare and Need-Satisfaction of the Disadvantaged - ZEEV BEN-SIRA

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