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Book Reviews




  • Achieving Power: Practice and Policy in Social Welfare. Stuart Rees, Reviewed By: James Midgley, Louisiana State University
  • Models for Change in Social Group Work. M. Fatout, Reviewed By: Richard J. Estes, University of Pennsylvania
  • Cultural Diversity and Social Work Practice. Dianne F. Harrison, John S. Wodarski, and Bruce A. Thyer, Reviewed By: Dorcas D. Bowles, Louisiana State University
  • Controversial Issues in Social Work. Eileen Gambrill & Robert Pruger, Reviewed By: Ram A. Cnaan, University of Pennsylvania
  • Social Work and Social Order: The Settlement Movement in Two Industrial Cities, 1889-1930. Ruth Hutchinson Crocker, Reviewed By: Howard Jacob Karger, Louisiana State University
  • The Moral Purposes of Social Work. P. Nelson Reid & Philip R. Popple, Reviewed By: Edward R. Canada, University of Kansas
  • The Computerization of Human Service Agencies. J.W. Murphy and J.T. Pardeck, Reviewed By: Thomas Edward Smith, Florida State University
  • Affecting Change: Social Workers in the Political Arena. Karen S. Haynes & James Mickelson, Reviewed By: Harris Chaiklin, University of Maryland

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