This study addressed the following question: What factors thought likely to influence the license status of foster family homes predict to continuing and what predict to ceasing to foster? This study was conducted in eight urban counties in a large Midwestern state. Using logistic regression, a 13 variable model was developed. The factors with odds ratios that predicted greater likelihood of closed license status were: when the foster mother is white, respondent wanting to adopt but being unable to do so, concern about agency red tape, disagreement with the statement that social workers reached out to foster parentsand respondents not having foster care as an income source. Factors with odds ratios that predicted greater likelihood of active license status were: named in an abuse and neglect allegation, seeing children sent back to a bad situation, not enough money/small clothing allowance, a significant personal loss of a family member, being unclear clear about what agency social workers expected and having too little time to get other things done.

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