• Hon. George McGovern, United States Senator
  • Chauncey Alexander, National Association of Social Workers

I. Introduction

  • Warfare-Welfare as a Serious Social Problem for Study and Action - L. K. NORTHWOOD, Editor

II. Crisis in the Warfare/Welfare State

  • Eighteen Leading Social Critics Comment: What is the Real Threat to World Peace and Social Security? - KENNETH A. KIRKPATRICK and L. K. NORTHWOOD
  • A Moment of Truth in the Warfare-Welfare Debate: The Transfer Amendment - HON. ELIZABETH HOLTZMAN
  • New York City and the Economic Crisis - JOSEPH HARRIS

III. The Rise of the Warfare/Welfare State

  • The Warfare-Welfare Tradeoff: Health, Public Aid, and Housing - KATHLEEN PEROFF
  • The Welfare Effort in the United States: Know Then Thyself - LEONARD MILLER and MARLEEN CLARK
  • A Comparison of Defense and Welfare Spending in the United States and the United Kingdom, 1946-1976 - JAMES CLAYTON
  • Social Policy and War - PAUL ADAMS
  • The Political Economy of Social Welfare: A Perspective - CHRISTOPHER DYKEMA
  • The Conservative Program for the Welfare-Warfare State: the Response to the Korean, Algerian, and Vietnamese Wars - CLARENCE Y. H. LO

IV. Social Workers and the Military

  • The Welfare State Within the Military - CHARLES MAYNARD and ANN BLALOCK
  • The Military Establishment and Social Welfare, Past, Present and Future? - GEORGE W. AYERS
  • Social Work in Relief and Rehabilitation After Wars, at Home and Abroad - WALTER A. FRIEDLANDER
  • Alienation of Youth as an Unintended Consequence of Military Assistance in Africa - QUENTIN F. SCHENK

V. Strategies for Defusing the Warfare State and Promoting the Welfare Society

A. Conversion of the Military-Industrial Complex

  • Human Security or National Defense: The Question of Conversion - BRUCE BIRCHARD
  • Economic Conversion, Productive Efficiency, and Social Welfare - LLOYD J. DUMAS
  • The Soft Spot: How to Attack the Pentagon - MARION ANDERSON

B. Educating for Non-Violence

  • Social Welfare and Some Implications for Non-Violence - MULFORD Q. SIBLEY
  • Anti-War Work by Discouragement of Warriors: A Critique of Anti-War Tactics Used Among Naval Personnel in the Vietnam War - ORABELLE CONNALLY

C. Imaging the Future

  • Common Roots and Functions of the Warfare and Welfare State - DAVID GIL
  • A Disarmed World: Problems in Imaging the Future - ELSIE BOULDING

D. Political and Legislative Action

  • Forward to Our Origins: Social Work Skills and Political Action in the Current Crisis - BERTRAM A. WEINERT
  • Influencing Welfare/Warfare Priorities Through the New Budgetary Process - ANN BLALOCK

"Which Side Are You On?" a poem by Olga J. Northwood

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