Black male, sex, coping, loss, stress, black masculinity, qualitative


While the behaviors of Black males are widely studied and often pathologized, their internal, subjective experiences are frequently absent from contemporary research. Utilizing a qualitative research methodology, this study explores the lived experiences of Black males, focusing on sexuality as a coping strategy within the context of loss, separation and stress. A non-clinical sample of 33 Black male participants was identified using snowball and purposeful sampling via social media and word-of-mouth. The findings provide considerable insight regarding the needs of Black men navigating the vicissitudes of loss and stress. In addition, the data endorses deconstruction of the Black male masculine sexual identity which is often stereotyped and reinforced by American racial and social constructs. Implications suggest that cultural relevance and humility are essential elements in the provision of effective mental health services with Black males who have experienced loss and stress.

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