Terry Jones


Almost since the beginning of Black history in America there have been differences of opinion as to what the role of Blacks should be in reference to the criminal justice system. In the beginning these differences centered around the issue of cooperation or resistance to the slave system and a criminal justice system that guaranteed slavery durante vita. Now, while the issue is no longer slavery, Blacks continue the debate over cooperation versus resistance to the criminal justice system. What should the role of Blacks be in reference to the criminal justice system? Can Blacks be of greater assistance to other Blacks by working within the system? Does working within this system imply support for it? Is resistance to the system a viable alternative to Blacks? Are there realistic alternatives to the present criminal justice system? Do Blacks have a choice as to what their role is or will be in this system? The pages that follow address the very complicated issue of Black involvement in a criminal justice system that many have labeled as inimical to Black development in America.

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