Table of Contents

  • Three Mile Island - A Personal Report - JAMES R. HUDSON - pp. 288
  • Implications of Racism for Social Work Practice - SEYMOUR MIRELOWITZ - pp. 297
  • Psychiatry and Society: Professionalism and the Control of Knowledge - JOHN M. BOOKER, ALLEN W. IMERSHEIN - pp. 313
  • The Social Policy of Denial: Unemployment in Israel - HARRIS CHAIKLIN - pp. 326
  • Requisites for the Establishment, Implementation and Evaluation of Social Work Treatment Programs for Anti-Social Children - JOHN S. WODARSKI - pp. 339
  • Public Monitoring of Contracts with Nonprofit Organizations: Organizational Mission in Two Sectors - BRUCE S. JANSSON - pp. 362
  • The Research Component of Doctoral Programs in Social Work: A Survey - RICHARD M. GRINNELL JR., NANCY S. KYTE - pp. 375
  • The Stable Poor and Criticism of Poverty Area Agencies - PETER L. HELIER, MARIA DEL CARMEN RIVERA-WORLEY, H. PAUL CHALFANT - pp. 385
  • Integrating Child Care Services: Overcoming Structural Obstacles to Collaboration of Institutional and Community Agency Staffs - ARTHUR K. BERLINGER - pp. 400
  • Loneliness and Deprivation: The Case of Roman Catholic Priests - JOHN F. SCHNABEL, JOHN P. KOVAL - pp. 410

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