• Women, Conservatism and Social Welfare Introduction - KRISTINE NELSON
  • Some Thoughts on the Patriarchal State and the Defeat of the Era - ZILLAH EISENSTEIN
  • Defeating the ERA: A Right-Wing Mobilization of Women - BARBARA EHRENREICH
  • The Conservative Program Is A Women's Issue - MIMI ABRAMOVITZ
  • Defeminizing Social Policy - DAVID STOESZ
  • Conservative Policies and Women's Power - KRISTINE NELSON, ARNOLD S. KAHN
  • Working Women's Marginalization in Denmark: Traditional Assumptions and Economic Consequences of Social and Labor Market Policies - JENNIFER G. SCHIPER
  • Our Own Worst Enemies: Women Opposed to Woman Suffrage - JEANNE HOWARD
  • The Hyde Amendment: Its Impact on Low Income Women with Unwanted Pregnancies - MARJORIE R. SABLE
  • In Defense of Institutionalization: A Rape Crisis Center as a Case Study - BARBARA LEVY SIMON


  • Social-Emotional Keys to the Division of Power - PHILIP LICHTENEERT, CAROL KOMAN REIMERT, SUSAN S. LEVINE
  • Eroding Filial Piety and Its Implications for Social Work Practice - PEI N. CHEN
  • Three Models of Social Planning for Human Services in Energy-Impacted Communities - BERNIE JONES, JANET BENSON JONES
  • Shared Ethnicity As a Correlate of Acceptance of the Formerly Hospitalized Mentally Ill, JONATHAN RABINOWITZ
  • In The Case of Manipulation - JAMES L. WOLK


  • PAUL ADAMS - Editor
  • PAUL TERREL - Reviewer of Poverty In America by Ralph Seligman and Asoke Basu
  • ROBERT E. WOOD - Reviewer of Social Development: Conceptual, Methodological and Policy Issues: by John F. Jones and Rand S. Pandey
  • JIM BAUMOHL - Reviewer of Single Rooms; Stories of An Urban Subculture by Ellie Winberg and Tom Wilson
  • SARA ROSENBERRY - Reviewer of The-States of Welfare: A Comparative Analysis of Social Policy by Joan Higgins

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