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Table of Contents

  • Personals, Mary Maroste
  • Alice’s Concussion, Austin Wines
  • Chemical Exception, Maura Sands
  • From the River Jordan, Tyler van Hoorn
  • Salvation, Rachel Stickney
  • Child of God, Jared Sebastian
  • Celestials, Tyler van Hoorn
  • Process, Marshall Sass
  • What Lies Below, Renée Beaudoin
  • Asphyxiation, Jera Hogan
  • Rogue Wave, Maura Sands
  • Paternity, Matthew M. Campbell
  • Self-Portrait, Rachel Stickney
  • Woman, Stephanie Lanphear
  • Sometimes Angry is Good, Kathryn Ashbay
  • If I Were the World’s Greatest Poet, Renée Beaudoin
  • Printempts (Ekphrastic of “Spring” by Cot, 1873), Matthew M. Campbell
  • Recognition, Stephani Waits
  • Perception, Stephanie Lanphear
  • Blue Leather, Marshall Sass
  • Walls, Hana Mitchell
  • Personal Ad, Maura Sands
  • Patience, Mary Maroste
  • Pink Comforter, Tyler van Hoorn
  • Negative Nancy, M. Andrew Bodinger
  • Enlightenment, Marshall Sass
  • That Black Balloon, Emily W. Recchia
  • Red-Faced Man, Austin Wines
  • Dare to Dream, Marshall Sass
  • Redeemed Tune, Stephani Waits
  • Plateau, Alexander J. Hlavaty
  • Found Floating Face Down, Jess McKellar
  • Table Number Six, Emily W. Recchia
  • The Gamblers, Stephani Waits
  • His Eyes Sighed (with Reference to Norman Dubie’s Blue), Jess McKellar
  • Cyclical Balance, Rachel Stickney

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Lee Honors College. The Laureate 14 (2015): Print.