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Table of Contents

Dangle, Megan Murphy

Redamancy , Danielle Favorite

A Lesson, Mark Majcher

Sink in the Morning, Andrew Heuermann

Lie, Kaylie Hanson

Suffragette Colors, Tenley Sablatzkey

The Big Community, Jackson Freeman

Small Thing, Jared Sebastian

Untitled, Casey Grooten

The Diary of a Young Girl and Jeff Mangum, Andrew Heuermann

Prescribed Meaning, Ali Orlandi

An Open Letter to the Father Who was There, Amber Slack

Genesis and Chance, Austin Wines

The Morning Pachamama was Born, Megan Murphy

Her Black Braids Broke Down, Casey Grooten

Toes and Paint, Nick Alti

Rest, Maura Sands

Money is a Crime; Rape is a Personal Experience, Casey Grooten

Untitled, Casey Grooten

A New York Poem, Mark Majcher

Joshua: A Short Lament, Jared Sebastian

Father, Austin Wines

Metamorphosis, Danielle Favorite

Mercado nro 1 de Surquillo, Megan Murphy

Girl; Age 6, Maura Sands

Untitled, Carla Zorrilla

Im anune Hayasten e (My Name is Armenia), Courtney Bedrosian

Burn, Darcy Boyea

Barefoot Behind a Jail, Andrew Heuermann

Rainy Weather Friend, Kaylie Hanson

Small Boat in Ludington, MI, Ed Ryan

Garden Bones, Nick Alti

We Wade Through Junipers, Megan Murphy

Moles, Austin Wines

'Uncle Bob & Wooden Duck, Mary Maroste

Comp. 006, Ed Ryan

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