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LOEX Annual Conference


Administering a successful and sustainable information literacy program depends upon dialog between librarians and disciplinary faculty as key stakeholders. Two academic institutions surveyed their faculties on the importance of information literacy for student success, the applicability of the ACRL Framework, and attitudes toward collaborating with librarians. This session will present quantitative and qualitative data and discuss how the institutions will use it to align instruction with the expressed values of faculty to help strategically guide integration of the Framework into programs and leverage strengths in an environment of constricting budgets and staffing.

The presentation will examine survey responses, reviewing similarities and differences from both institutional and disciplinary perspectives, including to what degree faculty value information literacy. Using survey data as well as themes from the qualitative data related to motivations and barriers to collaboration, we will engage the audience in predicting faculty responses to the ACRL Frames and in discussing ways librarians can respond to collaboration barriers. Presenters will offer examples of how the data will guide their program planning and changes, capitalizing on strengths, and continuing to offer what faculty value in a challenging budgetary landscape. With shrinking budgets and staff, information literacy programs must prioritize efforts. The survey data offers a tool to rein in ever-increasing demands on information literacy programs by using faculty perspectives to help guide the process of incorporating the Framework and identifying what disciplines and courses can be best served by an information literacy program.

Participants will:

  • use the two most highly ranked ACRL Frames selected by faculty in the survey in order to guide prioritizing learning goals when planning instruction sessions
  • critically examine suggested faculty language for describing the Frames in order to plan how to initiate a conversation about the Frames with their faculty
  • examine faculty preferences for collaboration with a librarian in order to identify potentially successful approaches

Intended audience: Brand new to the topic, At least some experience with the topic

NOTE: Presenter notes to the slides can be found under the icon in the upper left corner of the slide on the PDF.