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Music Library Association, 85th Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH, March 4, 2016

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Three faculty librarians, the communication coordinator, and the metadata and digital resources coordinator of the Western Michigan University Libraries arranged events for the celebration, including instrumental and vocal music performances. We aimed to include as many performers from as many units on campus as we could in order to increase the University Libraries’ visibility, and to make diverse campus units aware of the kinds of performances done in other parts of the University.

The musical performances were mostly informal performances that took place in unexpected venues, or what we called “pop-up” events, but we had a formal, concert-style musical performance at our opening event, along with poetry readings. The events took place in the Waldo Library (our main library), the Harper C. Maybee Music and Dance Library, the Gary and Rita Swain Education Library, and the lobby of the Lee Honors College.

The musical performances included two wind quintets, a woodwind quartet, a horn quartet, two choral performances, two solo piano performances, and a tuba and voice duet. We conducted a survey to collect feedback data from our user community.