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Information literacy (IL) has been studied extensively, but little has been written about IL applied to the study of theatre. This study addresses that lacuna by evaluating the success of a librarian-faculty collaboration to integrate IL throughout a year-long course of study. Using a pre- and post-test methodology, researchers assessed students’ knowledge on a range of IL concepts. The results were used to modify the IL curriculum to place greater emphasis on IL concepts that students struggled with, and to de-emphasize IL concepts for which students demonstrated adequate incoming knowledge. This paper will provide recommendations for librarians and other instructors seeking to integrate IL concepts into a theatre (or other performing arts) curriculum.

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Sachs, Dianna E., and Michael J. Duffy IV. “The Drama of Information Literacy: Collaborating to Incorporate Information Literacy Into a Theatre History Curriculum.” College & Undergraduate Libraries 28, no. 2 (2021): 194-218.