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Master of Arts



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Dr. Paul C. Friday

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Dr. Lewis Walker

Third Advisor

Dr. Thomas Van Valey

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


The primary intent of this study was an attempt at describing, understanding and analyzing the most common types, incidences and forces that produce crime and delinquency in Haiti. A secondary concern of this work was to do the ground work which would enable the formulation of testable hypotheses about the causes of crime and delinquency in Haiti.

Even though a number of developing nations face a rapid growth in their crime and delinquency rates, Haiti appears to maintain a relatively low crime rate.

The law-abiding behavior of Haitian youths is due to a number of factors: (a) the strong family ties and dependence on the extended family for the upbringing of the children, (b) strong belief in religion, and (c) a system of informal social control.

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Criminology Commons