Date of Award


Degree Name

Specialist in Education



First Advisor

Dr. Howard E. Farris

Second Advisor

Dr. Paul T. Mountjoy

Third Advisor

Dr. David Lyon

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


The video disc Mastering Fractions by Systems Impact (1984) was investigated for effects on student on-task behavior. The video disc uses basic principles of Direct Instruction and was compared to teacher-presented Direct Instruction. The study used a reversal design in a Special Education classroom where the classroom teacher normally used Direct Instruction. Three Special Education students at the junior high school level were used as subjects. The results of the study indicate a slight increase in student attending behavior with the use of the video disc. Subjects were also evaluated for the novelty effect of the video disc on attending behavior. Each class session was divided into three segments to determine if on-task behavior remained constant over the class session. Results indicate that on-task behavior remained constant over class sessions.