Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Chemical and Paper Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Margaret K. Joyce

Second Advisor

Dr. Paul Dan Fleming

Third Advisor

Dr. Alexandra Pekarovicova

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Campus Only


Many organizations around the globe are involved in the research and development of printable displays, batteries, photovoltaics, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and transistor requirements circuits. For the mass production of these devices, printing processes such as gravure, flexography and inkjet are being explored. However, the for printing flexible electronics are more precise as compared to spot or process color printing. Hence, the use of printing processes for these applications necessitates the modification of substrates so as to achieve optimum performance of printed circuits in terms of electrical performance.

Coating formulations using different pigments, pigment-binder ratios and coat weights were studied and coated paper samples were tested for printability and conductivity. Relationships between surface properties and performance of printed traces were analyzed using statistical methods. Results show a considerable relationship between physical properties of the substrate and electrical conductivity.

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