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Master of Arts



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Masters Thesis-Open Access


An attempt was made to determine the comparability and construct validity of three instruments: the Sensation Seeking Scale (Zuckermsn, Kolin, Price & Zoob, 1964); the Change Seeker Index (Garlington & Shimota, 1964); and the Similes Preference Inventory (Pearson & Maddi, 1966). These instruments, and a measure of drug use which was constructed by the investigator, were administered to 52 college students and 23 high school students. Product-moment correlations were calculated among these instruments and between each instrument and age, sex, marital status and amount of education. Several sets of partial correlations were, also calculated.

A substantial correlation was found between the scores on the Sensation Seeking Scale (SSS) and the Change Seeker Index (CSI). The correlations between scores on these scales and scores on the Similes Preference Inventory (SPI) were substantially lower. Support was found for the construct validity of the SSS and the CSI, but not for the SPI.

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