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Master of Arts



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Dr. Larry Simon

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Dr. Ernst Breisach

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Dr. Ronald Davis

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


When the Muslim kingdom of Valencia was conquered between 1233-1245 during the Reconguista, by James I, a new era was ushered in for the resident Muslims and Jews, because they would now be ruled by a minority Christian government. King James, in an attempt to control the newly settled Christians, issued the law code the Furs of Valencia. Additionally the Furs also established Christian legal superiority over the Muslims and Jewish populations, too.

The Furs of Valencia are highly valuable in the study of law, because of the influence of Roman, canon, and Islamic law. These influences helped slow the diminution of the native Muslims and Jews and prevented their mass displacement, while allowing the new Christian government to maintain control in Valencia. By studying the newly codified Furs of Valencia and how its laws relate to the Muslims and Jews a more complete picture of thirteenth-century Muslim and Jewish life will be achieved.

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