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Master of Arts



First Advisor

Dr. Gregory Veeck

Second Advisor

Dr. James Biles

Third Advisor

Dr. Deborah Che

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


The city of Segovia, Spain is known for its Acueducto (Aqueduct), the Alcazar Castle, its Catedral (Cathedral), la Casa de la Moneda de Segovia (the House of Money of Segovia), and over 60 additional historical buildings, monuments, and protected vistas. This abundance qualified the city for designation in 1986 as a World Heritage site under guidelines established by the United Nations Education and Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). World Heritage Site status is coveted by city and regions around the world, but little research conducted in Spain has been recorded in English to determine if receiving this status actually affects historic preservation and tourism activities. This research documents changes in Segovia that have occurred since this status was awarded. The project employs a comparative method incorporating several approaches: 1) new photographs of buildings, monuments, and views are compared to the 100 year old pictures taken by photographer Alois Beer to identify landscape change, 2) specific renovation projects are evaluated from a variety of perspectives including: interviews with key personel, a survey of local mercants and service providers, and 3) archival materials from a number of libraries and repositories in Segovia are used to place the interviews and survey results in appropriate context.

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Geography Commons