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Master of Arts



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Dr. Robert Maher

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Elizabeth Garland

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Dr. William Cremin

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



Grand Canyon National Park comprises 1009 square miles of contrasting life zones and landscapes, with elevations ranging from 2500 feet at the Colorado River to more than 9000 feet of the North Rim. This area includes 117 miles of the Canyon, part of the Kaibab Plateua known as the North Rim and part of the Coconino Plateau or South Rim. Both formations are included in the Colorado Plateau (See Figures 1 and 2).

Archaeological evidence indicates that prehistoric agriculturalists - the Cohonina peoples and later the Anasazi - resided in the area from circa A. D. 700 until A. D. 1200. Over 600 sites have been identified within the boundaries of Grand Canyon National Park, and many more have been found in the vast areas comprising the Grand Canyon National Monument, the Kaibab National Forest, and the Coconino Forest which surround it. Furthermore, locations of these sites indicate occupation of all life zones from the Colorado River to the North and South Rims.