Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Science


Geological and Environmental Sciences



First Advisor

Dr. Alan E. Kehew

Second Advisor

Dr. Mohamed Sultan

Third Advisor

Dr. Patrick M. Colgan

Access Setting

Masters Thesis-Open Access


The Charlevoix-Antrim and Northport drumlin fields, located in northwest Lower Michigan, lie on opposite sides of Grand Traverse Bay. Morphological measurements were derived from topographic maps and Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), combined with grain size analyses performed on collected drumlin sediments. Comparison of the morphological results demonstrates that statistical analysis of equal or better accuracy can be performed on drumlins using high resolution DEMs. The grain size analysis determined that the drumlins contain more gravel near the coast and become sandier to the south and east.

Spindle drumlins are the dominant drumlin form in both the Charlevoix-Antrim and Northport fields. The statistical results and the internal composition of the drumlins support a hypothesis that these drumlins formed during the deformation of existing ground moraine during the Greatlakean advance. The average elongation ratio (3.94) may indicate that the ground moraine displayed high shear strength where drumlins were formed; drumlins are more elongate where subglacial sediment has low shear strength. These drumlins were one of the last glacial bed forms to be created in Lower Michigan.

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Geology Commons