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Master of Arts



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Dr. Frank A. Fatzinger

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Dr. Stanley Kuffel

Third Advisor

Dr. Eston Asher

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



American business and industry have been growing steadily for the past twenty years. With increasing automation of production, business and industry will continue to grow at a rapid rate.

The tremendous growth industry is experiencing is illustrated by the recent report (15) which predicts that twenty-two million more jobs will be created in the next fifteen years. The report further estimates, "two million more businesses will be established to make and distribute the growing production of American mills and factories during the next twenty-five years."

With this growth of industry many aspects of employee relations will become magnified out of proportion to present status. One such aspect in this category is communication. As the size of the company grows, its problems of communication grow. A director of industrial relations (3, p. 105) at one company has said, "There is no question in my mind but what the problem of maintaining effective channels of communication and evaluating employee attitudes is in direct proportion to the size of the company."