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Master of Arts



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Dr. David Hartmann

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Dr. Victoria Ross

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Dr. Gerald Markle

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


As Saudi Arabia's economic and social environments have become more complex, the role of the nonprofit sector has grown in importance. At the same time, the sector faces the challenges of technology changes, shifting demographics, global influences, and increasing connectedness to the private and government sectors. In past decades, charitable services depended on individuals. It has, however, moved from individual services to charitable organizations. This study describes the work of hundreds of private and community organizations and agencies that practice the charitable work. They provide similar service and programs: human service, childcare, education, health care, and consulting. Philanthropic agencies influence the economy and society by employing many people, and by receiving and spending money, granting a better life to poor people, and helping them to resolve their problems. The society also is influenced by the charitable agencies by granting a better life to poor people and helping them to resolve their problems. Charitable agencies do not appear to have an influence on the religion. This is because there is only one religion in Saudi Arabia, Islam. Charitable agencies face various barriers related to government, personnel, agencies, beneficiaries, and perception in the society. In order to improve the philanthropic work, there are many suggestions for the government and the agencies.

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