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Master of Arts



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Dr. Paul Mountjoy

Second Advisor

Dr. Chris Koronakos

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Dr. Donald Thor

Fourth Advisor

Dr. I. V. Holt

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



In the recent history of psychology, considerable interest has arisen concerning the use of radiation (usually as a UCS fitted into a classical conditioning paradigm) to effect changes in behavior. Mechanisms by which radiation induces behavioral changes are obscure, and psychology, along with the disciplines of physiology and medicine, has been attempting to clarify variables in operation.

The study of drug {including alcohol) effects upon behavior has had a somewhat parallel development in the field of psychology in terms of its recency and the obscure nature of the variables operating upon resultant behavior.

These two areas of interest have similarities in the amalgamation of psychological and biological techniques into psychopharmacology and psychophysiology. A review of research centered around radiation effects will be followed by a discussion of some alcohol effects upon behavior.

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Psychology Commons