Rudolph Prins

Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts

First Advisor

Dr. W. Jackson Davis

Second Advisor

Dr. Richard Brewer

Third Advisor

Dr. Beth Schultz

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Masters Thesis-Open Access



The two objectives of this study were to determine the kinds and numbers of rotifers in the plankton in a portion of the Kalamazoo River and to ascertain the effects of various chemical constituents of the river water on the rotifers.

The Kalamazoo River is located in southwestern Michigan and flows westward into Lake Michigan. The study was conducted along a section of the river extending from Comstock, Kalamazoo County, to Plainwell, Allegan County (Fig. 1). About 90 per cent of this section is heavily polluted with wastes from several paper industries, a few other industries, and one municipal sewage treatment plant.

Exploratory samples of plankton were taken in October and November, 1960. Routine sampling of plankton and water for chemical analysis occurred between December 15, 1960, and August 3, 1961.

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