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Master of Music



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Dr. Richard Adams

Second Advisor

Renata Arman Knific

Third Advisor

Dr. Darrel Jacobson

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Masters Thesis-Open Access


Incomplete (six) is comprised of six short movements written for full orchestra. Each movement depicts a different idea as it relates to the number six. In biblical numerology the number six represents incompletion and shortcoming while seven signifies completeness and fulfillment. Six therefore cannot be complete without the addition of one to make seven. The number six is commonly used to represent man since he was created on the sixth day of creation while the number one represents God as the one true God. The numbers six and one work together to identify the reality that man is only made whole when in relationship with God.

The first and second movements of this work represent God's creation of man and the serpent on the sixth day of creation. The third movement reflects God's intention that man labor for six days as he did when he created the world. The fourth movement embodies love since Jesus' first miracle occurred at a wedding while turning six jars of water into wine. The fifth movement reflects the sixth commandment: do not kill. The final movement is a reminder that man is incomplete without God.

Each movement differs in compositional style. Love is written in the most traditional musical language, whereas Labor is written using a modified twelve-tone technique. 7-1 completely uses the twelve-tone technique, while the remaining movements are generally written in an open key.

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